Pasco County BOCC Meeting

August 21, 2018

On the November Ballot, you are asking your constituents to vote for a bond of $20,200,00, because you say   you need this for  parks and recreation maintenance.    You are telling us you need all this extra money.  Yet, you keep buying more land for parks and recreation.  Today alone, you will be considering 3 more properties to purchase.  If you can’t afford to keep up what you already have, why should we vote in favor for this?

You have carved out 9% of the Penny for Pasco monies for the purchase of “sensitive” land.  Yet ELAMP has NO Standard of Operations Procedures to follow for the purchase of these lands.  As of February 2018 BOCC meeting, Mr. Keith Wiley announced that he had approximately $29 Million available in ELAMP funds.

Yet, you have no problem burdening your property owners for actual needs.  You have decided that when streets need paving, property owners of that street should pay for it.    Even though these streets are not private and are open to all to use.   For this, you created Paving Assessments. You are currently burdening 22 areas anywhere from $1,049.17 per property to $7,354.17 per property.

But, let’s look at a small portion of your Spending:

  • ELAMP;    3533 acres of land purchased for approximately $23 Million
  • Sunwest: A park that was created to attract tourism and make it’s own money.    Has it created tourism?  Per your 2019 Budget, even if we could agree with the expenses and revenues as stated;  it is slated to lose $55,200.

If you can’t afford to keep up what you already have, why should we vote in favor for this bond?

The County needs better procedures to follow to use tax payer money.


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