On this page are various posts, listed by street, showing the plats and deed restrictions in Gulf Harbors. Separate posts show the  letter filed in 2000 to preserve the deed restrictions, and the  Marketable Record Titles statute under which it was filed. Every...

Marketable Record Titles statute

Posted by Mitchell Kobernick: Florida Statutes Chapter 712 is the MARKETABLE RECORD TITLES TO REAL PROPERTY. Section 712.11 states that “A property owner’s association not otherwise subject to chapter 720 may use the procedures set forth in ss 720.403-720.407 to...

Anchor Way

Anchor Way & Topsail C -7 plat map Anchor Way and Topsail C-7 detail Anchor Way & Topsail C-7 Deed...

Blue Heron

Blue Heron Section 15-A plat map Blue Heron Section 15-A detail Blue Heron Section 15-A Deed Restrictions Blue Heron Section 15-A Block 23 Lots 34 & 35 Deed Restrictions Blue Heron Section 15B block 23 plat map Blue Heron Section 15-B detail Blue Heron Section...


Bonito Section 15-A plat map Bonito Section 15-A detail Bonito Section 15-A Deed Restrictions Bonito Section 15-A Block 22 Lots 1 & 24 Deed Restrictions Bonito Section 15-B Block 24 plat map Bonito Section 15-B Block 24 Deed Restrictions Bonito Section 15-B Block...


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