County’s 2nd Summary Judgement

The county filed a 2nd Motion for Summary Judgment to try again to get the lawsuit dismissed. On March 18, 2019 the judge heard the arguments from the county and from Diane’s attorney, and DENIED the county’s motion in total, and set the trial for April...

Lawsuit Update

On July 26th the county presented to the court their Motion For Summary Judgment.  This was an attempt to get a ruling that there were no issues of fact to be decided, and that they should get a ruling in their favor on the law.  They lost.  There were indeed factual...

Lawsuit Update, County’s Answer

The county has filed their answer to the Amended Complaint filed by Diane’s attorney.  The entire answer can be seen below, but the really interesting claim made by the county is on page 12 in the Tenth Affirmative Defense where they state to the court:...

Lawsuit Current Update, Amended Complaint

A hearing was held on March 5 in which Diane’s new attorney was granted permission by the court to file an amended complaint. This new complaint sets out various instances where it alleges that the county did not follow the law when the Board of County...

Lawsuit Updates History

March 7 2018 A hearing was held on March 5 at the courthouse regarding the case of Diane Kobernick VS Pasco County.  Mrs. Kobernick was represented by Weber, Crabb and Wein,  her new attorneys that she hired after the medical issues with her previous counsel.  The...

Lawsuit Summary

Gulf Harbors Golf Course              Lawsuit Summary                   As of January 1, 2018 Pasco County commissioners voted on September 27 2016 to create a Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) to purchase a defunct and contaminated golf course in the Gulf...


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