The FGUA bills monthly, and the billing includes a charge for consumption, in increments of 1,000 gallons, and a base charge.  The base charge is made up of a water and a sewer component.  The water component is billed based on the size of the water meter.  Most homes have a 5/8 x 3/4 inch meter, and would be billed $8.10 for the base water charge. The base sewer charge is fixed at $26.74. So for most people, the combined base charge would be $34.84.   For those with a 1 inch meter, the combined base charge would be $47.00 ($20.26 water plus $26.74 sewer).  This base charge is billed every month, even if you use no water at all.

The consumption is billed at $5.38 for water, and $11.21 for sewer, and is per 1,000 gallons.  So you pay a combined rate of $16.59 for every 1,000 gallons used, in addition to the base charge.  The part that gets confusing is that the consumption is billed in increments of 1,000  gallons, not the actual amount used in a single month.  For example, if you start at zero and used 800 gallons in the  month, you would only pay the base charge. This is because you did not reach the 1,000 threshold yet.  In the next month, say you use 600 gallons.  Now you add the 600 to the 800 from the previous month that you did not pay for yet, and you have a total of 1,400 gallons used and not paid for.  You will now get billed in increments of 1,000, so you now pay for 1,000 gallons used, and you still have 400 gallons you have not paid for yet. Next month that 400 gets added to the consumption for that month, and you pay again once you reach 1,000 gallons, and so on.

One other consideration, the sewer consumption charge is capped at 10,000 gallons, but unless you use more than 10,000 gallons this will not be a factor.

These rates are all effective as of October 1, 2017 for the Lindrick system.

FY 2018 LindrickRates


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