The contract that FGUA has with U.S. Water is up for renewal this year.  This firm has held the contract ever since FGUA took over the water system from Lindrick, and deals with the maintenance of the water system.  I have been communicating with Michael Carballa, the representative on the FGUA board for Pasco County, to ask about the bidding process and how a new contract would be executed.  I was referred to Kevin Grace, the Assistant Director of Municipal Serves for Government Services Group, who handles the administration for FGUA.

What I have been told is that a Request for Qualifications had been sent out, and five firms responded.  An evaluation committee formed to rank the qualifications narrowed it down to 3 firms, which are U.S. Water,  CH2M, and Veolia. In an email to me on July 2, Mr Grace explained that the evaluation criteria was as follows:

  1. Qualifications and Experience of the Company on Similar Projects (25 points)
  2. Relevant Experience of Key Personnel (25 points)
  3. General Approach to Services Required (30 points)
  4. Client References (10 points)
  5. Financial Capability (10 points)

The next step to be taken is for FGUA to invite these firms to participate in a Request For Proposals. I was told that  could take 30 to 45 days.  I asked to be kept informed of the progress of this contract evaluation process, so that after the proposals have been received and evaluated by FGUA, I intend to be present at the board meeting to be held to select the winning contract.

This issue is important to ensure that there are no sweetheart deals, and that FGUA is not spending more than it should, as that affects the water rates they have to charge us.

Mitchell Kobernick


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