For over two years now a small group of residents have been meeting to attempt to find a way to rid our sewer/water system of the FGUA organization and bring it under responsible control. We believe that we have achieved that goal.

            On February 19, 2019 at 10:00 AM at the West Pasco Government Center located at 8731 Citizens Drive, New Port Richey, FL the Board of County Commissioners will vote on the “Intent to acquire” document that would require the FGUA to transfer the four different Pasco water companies to the County Utility Department.  To complete this transaction, the commissioners must choose one of the three following options:

            Option 1. The county increases the county-wide water rate by 2%.  We then receive their water/sewer service at the standard county rate. Our water/sewer bill for 4000 gals. would be approximately $62.00 per month;

            Option 2. The county increases the county-wide water rate by 1%.  We then receive their water/sewer service at the standard county rate plus a surcharge of 25% for 10 Years. Our water/sewer bill would then be approximately $77.00;

            Option 3. The county takes over our system, and we are still responsible for paying off the entire system debt over 30 years.  Our estimated bill would be $97.00, which is only a savings of $4.00 per month from our present bill.

Although the county staff will recommend Option #2., The Water Committee strongly requests that the Commissioners adopt Option #1.

            We need a strong turnout at the meeting to insure that our voices are heard.

In addition to attending the meeting, please send emails/letters to the County Commissioners to let them know that we deserve to pay the same rates as the rest of the county customers.

Commissioners:  Vice Chairman Mike Moore, Commissioner Kathryn Starkey, Commissioner Mike Wells, Commissioner Ron Oakley, and Commissioner Jack Mariano

Email address to All Commissioners:

Mailing Address of Commissioners: 8731 Citizens Drive, New Port Richey, Fl. 34652


Mailing Address:
PO Box 293
Elfers, Florida 34680

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