On Tuesday, May 22nd, I spoke at the BOCC meeting, questioning why the county is continuing to fight the lawsuit that was filed to contest the golf course MSBU, which alleges that the MSBU was passed illegally.  You can see a video of that 3 minute speech here: https://gulfharborsunited.org/golf-course/bocc-may-22-2018-speechs-videos

That Wednesday I wrote to the commissioners to tell them that I posted a copy of my speech, and also asked for them to call a vote of the commissioners to repeal the MSBU.  A copy off that email is shown below.  On Friday morning, less than 48 hours later, Diane’s attorney received a demand from the county attorney to take my deposition in the lawsuit.  Coincidence?  Draw your own conclusions.  Remember that I am not a party to the lawsuit, I simply happen to have the same last name as the plaintiff.  All I did was exercise my First Amendment rights, and it seems to have provoked a response. Maybe I hit a nerve!

Here is the email I sent on Wednesday, May 23rd:

“Dear Commissioners,

On May 22 I spoke at the BOCC meeting about the ongoing lawsuit the county is continuing to defend to try to uphold the MSBU for the purchase of the Gulf Harbors golf course. A transcript of that speech can be found here to refresh your memories:  https://gulfharborsunited.org/golf-course/bocc-speech-about-vote

There has been a lot of information made public since the MSBU was passed in Sept. 2016, and the general public is much better informed now.  Since so much has happened since then, including the discovery of the contamination on the golf course, I wonder if the majority of the BOCC still favors the county going forward with this purchase.  I would therefore like to challenge any one of you to have the fortitude to bring a motion to the board to repeal Ordinance 16-25 and Resolution 16-295 that were passed to form and fund the MSBU.  A vote of confidence is appropriate now since the climate may have changed, and the majority of the BOCC may actually not be in favor of continuing on this path.  At the very least, what have you got to lose if you want to reaffirm the BOCC’s continued support of this project?  Yes or no, the public has the right to know where you all stand now.

I intend to post this email in 2 weeks, and would like to include the responses of any of the commissioners that care to respond.  The lack of a response will be noted as well.


Mitchell Kobernick”

Now, in that email I requested a response from the commissioners.  Please note that not a single one of them responded to me.  In fairness to them, they may have been instructed by the county attorney not to respond.  If that is the case, it makes me wonder just how this county is being run.  Our only recourse aside from challenging the county in court is to make our voices heard at the ballot box. Two of the commissioners are up for re-election this year, and as others come up for re-election in the future, I for one will be there to refresh the voters’ memories.

For those of you that are as incensed as I am at the county’s actions and apparent disregard for the wishes of its citizens, go to gulfharborsunited.org and donate to help support this lawsuit.  This issue is bigger than just the golf course purchase; it is about holding the county commissioners accountable and standing up to their attitudes that they can do whatever they want, even over the wishes of its citizens!


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